She Told Her Dad’s Wife There’s No Way She’s Throwing Her Teen Daughter A Baby Shower, But Then This Girl Texted Her Asking Her To Change Her Mind

Valerie - - illustrative purposes only

This young woman’s dad has a stepdaughter who is 18, and this girl is currently pregnant. She doesn’t know very much about what went down, but she does know that the baby’s father is not around and his family is not either.

Her dad’s stepdaughter is also living with her dad and his new wife right now. Out of the blue, her dad’s wife called her a couple of days back, and she mentioned that her daughter’s friends are not willing to throw her daughter a baby shower.

Her dad’s wife said that since she is this girl’s sister, she should throw her a baby shower since she’s pretty close in age to her.

“She told me I have failed her daughter as a sister in the past by refusing to be her big sister and acting like I don’t have a responsibility to her,” she explained.

“This is where I can make it up to her and get off on good footing as an aunt. I told my dad’s wife I would not be throwing her daughter a shower but she is more than free to and if I have the time available I might show up.”

“She told me it wasn’t good enough and I’m supposed to be her daughter’s big sister, that she promised her a big sister. I told her she should have adopted an older girl OR found a husband with a daughter who wanted to be a big sister. I told her she married a man whose daughter had no interest in taking on the role and after 15 years it was time she accepted that. She told me that my behavior was worse than when I chose to stop going to my dad’s house during his parenting time when I was 13.”

She told her dad’s wife that was fine with her. She figured that was the end of the awful conversation, but then, her dad’s wife called her up again once more yesterday.

She informed her dad’s wife for a second that she would not throw her daughter a baby shower, and then her dad’s wife started calling her names before saying she’s the one hurting her innocent daughter.

Later on in the evening, she got a text from a random number, but she’s guessing it’s her dad’s stepdaughter.

Valerie – – illustrative purposes only

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