She Told Off Her Coworker After She Asked Personal Questions About Her Husband’s Salary And Lifestyle Since They’re Clearly Rich

“She approached me and asked how my and my husband’s recent vacation to Europe went. I told her it went well and briefly summarized what we did.”

Then, her coworker became nosy and started asking about her husband’s job. She explained that her husband works in finance, and her coworker started presuming that he makes “tons.” Her coworker went right ahead and asked how much her husband makes in a year.

She became uncomfortable and tried to politely explain that he makes a good salary and that they’re a very lucky couple. 

Her coworker kept pressuring her, telling her she wouldn’t tell anyone else in the office about her husband’s salary and started asking if he made millions of dollars. She told her she wasn’t comfortable answering the question.

After going back and forth for a while, she became more annoyed. Finally, her coworker called her stuck up for not wanting to say how much money her husband makes, which made her snap. She told her coworker she was nosy and needed to learn to take ‘no’ for an answer.

“Then, I smiled at her and walked away,” she explained.

“Later on, I had a few coworkers reach out to me and say that she was crying and left [work] early and that I should apologize for calling her a rude name. I refused.”

Her mom thinks her coworker may have been too young to understand she was crossing a boundary, but she disagrees and thinks she was plenty old enough. While her husband is on her side, he suggested she briefly apologize to her coworker, only to keep peace within her office space. Now, she’s torn on what to do.

Should she apologize to her nosy coworker?

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