She Tried To Exclude Her Husband’s Nephew From Their Wedding Since She Doesn’t Think He’s Attractive And Was Worried He Would Ruin Their Wedding Photos That She Wanted To Post On Social Media

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This 30-year-old woman married her husband, 32, last week Tuesday. They had a large wedding, held at the same venue where her husband’s parents were married, which held a lot of meaning for him.

As an “up-and-coming influencer,” she wanted the wedding photos to look beautiful so that she could post them on social media.

“Now, my husband’s 19-year-old nephew, C, isn’t the most attractive man in the world (his face is covered in acne, and he has blotchy box-dyed blue hair), and I wasn’t going to let that freak of nature destroy my wedding photos,” she said.

Her husband let her take responsibility for wedding planning and sending out invitations. So, she chose not to invite C to the wedding but invited the rest of C’s family.

A week after sending out the invitations, her sister-in-law asked her husband why C didn’t get an invitation.

“So, without my knowledge, my husband informed her that it was just a mistake,” she explained. “As I walked down the aisle, I caught a glimpse of blue hair in the front row.”

“I hid my rage until after the ceremony. Afterward, when we were taking photos, C was trying to be a part of them, so I requested that he leave the venue early.”

“This started a fight between me, C, and his mother. I asked his mother not to get involved as he is an adult and should deal with this responsibly and leave the venue as I wished.”

Then, her husband jumped into the argument and asked her if she’d meant not to invite C to their wedding.

IVASHstudio – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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