She Uninvited Her Mother-In-Law From Her Her Husband’s Funeral After Her Mother-In-Law Said She Never Loved Her Husband

New Africa - illustrative purposes only

Three days ago, this 40-year-old woman’s husband, 41, tragically passed away. Understandably, the entire family is shocked and heartbroken.

She and her husband had two children together, and they are 5 and 6. For the last decade, she and her family lived close to her husband’s family.

However, two months ago, she received a promotion at work in a different state, which happened to be much closer to her family.

So, she and their children moved to a new house with her while her husband remained in their old house for the time being.

Before her husband passed away, he had been preparing to sell their old house so that he could move to be with her and their children.

After her husband’s passing, she drove 12 hours with her children so that she could start planning the funeral.

Then, her mother-in-law demanded that she bring her children to see her. Apparently, her mother-in-law claimed “she ‘needs to see them.'”

“This was after she didn’t show up to the funeral home to help arrange anything or support in any way,” she said.

“I kindly let her know where we are staying and that she is free to come by and spend as much time with the kids as she wants.”

New Africa – illustrative purposes only

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