She Went On 4 Dates With A Guy, And When She Refused To Sleep With Him, He Blocked Her, Which Made Her Cry

She pushed him away, and he said they should hook up in his car right then and there.

“We were in a pretty public place,” she explained. “I said no. He got irritated and told me we should end this date. He took me home.”

“He refused to kiss me goodbye, and then I asked him why. We kissed. He said we [can] keep in touch. But he did not text me. After a few days, I texted him and asked if I did something wrong.”

“He said it’s just rare for him to spend 4 dates without [sleeping with a woman]. I said I am willing to do it with him, but I just need some more time. He said he respects that and that I am a nice person. Then he blocked me.”

After he blocked her, she ended up crying. She felt really guilty. She never once mentioned to this guy that she had been engaged before and that her partner passed away, so he had no clue about her past and why she likes to take things slow.

She’s left wondering if she really was “moving too slow” and if she should have given in.

What do you think?

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