She Went On A Date With A Guy In Boston That Lasted Less Than An Hour, And She Was Not Happy That This Guy Continued To Not Open The Car Door For Her

Harold Stiver - - illustrative purposes only

There are a lot of people living in the Boston area, but apparently, it’s still difficult to find love in the city. TikToker Eunice (@happynosee) was visiting her friend in Boston for the first time when a guy asked her on a date.

She was excited since she had never been on a date in Boston before. Unfortunately, the experience was a complete letdown.

So a guy approached her while she was at the park with her friend. He told her that he thought she was beautiful and wanted to take her out on a date.

They made plans to go to a nice bar, and he would pick her up from her friend’s place at nine o’clock sharp. But less than ten minutes before the allotted time, he called her to say he would be fifteen minutes late.

When he arrived, she walked downstairs to go to his car, expecting him to step out of the vehicle and open the door for her. Instead, he reached over and opened the door on the passenger’s side while still sitting in his car.

After she entered the car, he kissed her on the cheek. Then, he suggested they head to a bar that was a few streets down because the other bar they had initially decided to go to was pretty far.

The other bar was only 23 minutes away, but Eunice reluctantly agreed to the change in plans. The bar they went to turned out to be a small local sports bar, which Eunice declared she felt wildly overdressed for. In the video, she panned the camera downward to show herself wearing a floor-length dress that hugged her figure.

He also did not open the car door for her again. He merely stood outside on his side of the vehicle, waiting for her to get out on her own. It was only when she prompted him about it that he made a move to open her door. And as they walked over to the bar, he tried to hold her hand.

The bar was extremely noisy, so she could barely hear him speak, and she wasn’t really a fan of the music that was playing. He could tell that she wasn’t having a good time at the bar, so he suggested they head over to another bar.

Harold Stiver – – illustrative purposes only

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