She Went On A Date With A Guy In Boston That Lasted Less Than An Hour, And She Was Not Happy That This Guy Continued To Not Open The Car Door For Her

She agreed, even though what she actually wanted to do was leave and go home. They walked back to his car, and once again, he did not open the door for her! You would think he’d have learned his lesson by now.

He explained that his key fob didn’t work, which meant he had to manually unlock the door on his side first. So he unlocked his door, sat in his seat, and opened her door from the inside for the second time during this date.

After finally settling in the car, she asked which bar they were going to. He proposed that they go back to his place instead to drink wine and watch Netflix.

Eunice shot down his idea and told him to drop her off at her friend’s house. As he dropped her off, he leaned in for a kiss that she ended up dodging. The entire date lasted less than an hour. She won’t be seeing him ever again.

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