She Went On A First Date With A Guy Who Tried To Hook Up With Her, Even Though She Warned Him Beforehand It Wouldn’t Be Happening

Part of her was relieved since she knew this guy wasn’t a good match for her. However, their date did not come to an end just yet. He said that he would just go in to work a little later, which made no sense to Malene.

He picked up right where he left off by convincing Malene to sleep with him. After a while, he drove her back home. As he was dropping her off, he mentioned that he would text her.

Two weeks later, he sent her a video of a guy discussing a weird, disgusting topic. She did not respond at all. But then, a month after they met up, he messaged her again, asking if she missed him. She sent him a skull emoji in response and continued living her life.


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