She Went On A Trip With Her Grandparents, But They Have Been Fighting With Her Dad And Stepmom For Years Ever Since They Said They Don’t Want Anything To Do With Her Half-Sister

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It’s terrible when you love relatives who just so happen to be feuding with each other.

One teenager wanted to go on a trip with her maternal grandparents, who have been fighting with her dad and stepmom for years ever since they expressed not wanting a relationship with her half-sister.

She’s 16-years-old, and when she was only a baby, her mom sadly passed away, and her dad remarried within a year.

When she was three, her dad and stepmom had her younger sister. Her mom’s side of the family still wanted a relationship with her, but despite her dad’s wishes, they didn’t want one with her new half-sister.

Her mom’s family eventually told her dad and stepmom that they refused to treat her and her half-sister equally.

“My stepmom ended up adopting me in an effort to sever contact with my maternal side of the family,” she explained.

“But my maternal grandparents went to court for grandparents’ visitation rights, which they were granted.” 

Under the court’s conditions, she visited with her grandparents and mom’s family a handful of times a year.

But when she turned 12, her dad gave her permission to see her grandparents as often as she pleased since he could tell that was important to her.

ID 30369278 – © Yobro10 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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