She’s Been Highly Praised For Her Graciousness As She Gives People A Realistic Look Into Her Life As An Orthodox Jewish Woman, Nurse, And Mom Living In New York City

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One of the most powerful things about the internet and social media is that we can get a glimpse into the lives of people who live differently than we do.

Miriam Ezagui (@miriamezagui) is a TikTok content creator who has been highly praised for her graciousness as she gives viewers a realistic and educational look into her life as an Orthodox Jewish woman, nurse, and mother of four living in New York City.

Miriam is a labor and delivery nurse who sprung to TikTok fame when she began educating her followers and other TikTok users on what life is like as an Orthodox Jewish woman and answering questions they may have about her lifestyle.

Miriam was born into a Jewish family and is the granddaughter of two Holocaust survivors, one of them being her Bubby, Lily Malnik, who has been publicly speaking about her experience for years.

As Miriam got older, she became more religious and started identifying as an Orthodox Jew.
Miriam is married to her husband, Aron, who works as a paramedic, and they have four daughters together.

When not on the clock as a labor and delivery nurse, Miriam works hard as a content creator and posts videos on her TikTok account, which now has 1.9 million followers. At first, Miriam began posting many videos related to baby wearing, but as she gained followers, she decided to use her platform to educate people on her community, which is so often stigmatized.

“I was nervous to admit that I was Jewish for fear of the antisemitism that I would come across,” says Miriam in one of her videos.

“But as my platform started to grow, I realized I had an opportunity here. There are a lot of misconceptions about Orthodox Jews. Misconceptions can come from television, movies, and even the mainstream media. So what if I gave people a window into my life as an Orthodox Jew?”

Miriam answers tons of questions about her lifestyle daily on the app and informs her followers on certain aspects of her religion, like eating Kosher foods, how she dresses modestly, what her family does on Jewish holidays, etc.

SeanPavonePhoto – illustrative purposes only

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