She’s Discussing A List of Things That Happen On Dates That Make Her Feel And Look Dumb

Drobot Dean - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Life is full of little moments that are embarrassing for no reason. When thinking about them logically, they shouldn’t be embarrassing at all, but somehow, they just are.

TikToker Dani (@dani.coco1) is discussing a list of things that happen on dates that make her feel and look dumb.

These are otherwise normal things that would be perfectly fine in any other situation but suddenly seem totally cringe-worthy in the context of a date.

Number one is what she calls the “awkward cheers-to-mouth journey.” After ordering and receiving drinks filled to the brim with liquid, the only thing left to do before gulping them down is to raise your glasses and clink them together.

Dani finds this practice to be an extremely unpleasant one because it requires her to carry her drink across an expanse of space without spilling a drop, and she claims to be very accident-prone. Overall, it’s just an uncomfortable experience.

Number two is trying to figure out what to do while your date is on his phone. For instance, if he’s scrolling through his phone, looking for a photo to show you from a trip he went on recently, that puts you in a predicament of what to do with yourself.

Dani is unsure whether she should be focusing her attention on him as he searches through his phone or look around at the other people in the restaurant. Perhaps she should be staring at her own phone. It just seems like there’s no right answer.

Number three is walking back from the bathroom. At some point during the date, you probably will need to use the bathroom, which is all fine and good until you have to walk back from the bathroom to your table.

Then, the question of the right time to make eye contact arises. If you make eye contact too early on your way back, that means you’re just staring at each other for a prolonged period of time until you reach the table again. If you make eye contact too late, you’re left awkwardly glancing around at the ceiling and floor.

Drobot Dean – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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