She’s Not Allowing Alcohol At Her Wedding, And Her Aunt Started Posting Rants On Social Media About How She Wants To Skip Out Because It’s A Dry Wedding

Sandra Cunningham - illustrative purposes only

People tend to have very strong feelings about these two things at weddings – alcohol and children.

One bride-to-be is quite insistent on having an alcohol-free wedding and is now getting a lot of flak from her family members for her decision. 

She’s 25-years-old and getting married in May of next year. Currently, she’s in the middle of planning her reception and has the venue booked. She and her fiancée have been discussing what kind of food and drinks they want served.

The other day, her mom and one of her aunts were in town for a visit and started helping her make some plans. 

“The topic of drinking came up, and my aunt asked what kind of cocktails we’d be serving,” she recalled.

“I told her we wouldn’t be serving alcohol at the wedding. She was shocked and asked what everyone was going to drink. I told her there would be water, sweet tea, lemonade, fruit punch, and soda available.”

Her aunt started getting upset and listed off reasons why her drink choices were a bad idea. For instance, her aunt told her there shouldn’t be any sweet tea, lemonade, or fruit punch because the sugar content is high, and their family has a history of diabetes.

When she reminded her aunt that there would be sugar-free drink options like water and unsweetened iced tea, her aunt asked why alcohol wouldn’t be an option at her wedding.

“I told her I simply didn’t want to serve any at my wedding,” she explained.

Sandra Cunningham – illustrative purposes only

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