She’s Pretty Positive That Her Fiancé Is More Into Her Assets Than Her, And She’s Supposed To Marry Him In 6 Weeks

Roman - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 33-year-old woman is supposed to tie the knot with her 35-year-old fiancé in just 6 weeks. She is well-off, and she is expecting him to sign a prenup.

She says she has an incredibly stressful job and works more than 100 hours a week at times, and she does make 3.5 times more money than her fiancé does.

She has asked him to change their original prenup to exclude the hobby farm that her family owns so that it’s not considered part of their future assets after they get married.

So, the reason why she no longer wants the farm to be something he can touch one day is that it’s in her name.

She helped her parents buy the farm last year, and this was before her fiancé proposed to her. Her parents weren’t able to pay for the down payment and the mortgage, so she stepped in to help.

“Obviously, I do not want to be forced to sell it from under them in the event of a separation in order to equalize assets,” she explained.

“After I bought this up, my fiancé said he didn’t trust me and alleged I was trying to “hide money” out of common assets even though my parents had talked about this farm for YEARS and are actively maintaining it heading into retirement.”

“He requested for me to transfer the title entirely to my parents, which would trigger paying a lot of taxes for no reason since it’s for my family. He also balked at the idea that I would continue to pay for their mortgage until they sold their current home since my dad is near retirement and my mom was forced to retire early due to multiple health issues, they’re probably going to need some extra time to figure things out.”

She has been paying for the mortgage for a year now, and it’s easy for her to afford this. Aside from paying for the mortgage, she has been able to pay for her own mortgage, cover all of her bills, save money, and pay for her fiancé’s plane tickets as they are long-distance right now.

Roman – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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