She’s Recounting The Time The FBI Reached Out To Her During Her First Year of High School, Which Really Confused Her Principal

Helistockter - illustrative purposes only

TikToker Jessi (@heyyy_jessiii) is recounting the time the FBI reached out to her during her first year of high school. In her video, she outlined a hilarious skit, playing the parts of herself, her English teacher, and the principal, reenacting exactly what went down.

At the beginning of her freshman year in September, her English teacher had all the students write letters to employers they wanted to work for in the future.

Thirteen-year-old Jessi wanted to write a letter to the FBI. Her teacher agreed but couldn’t promise that she would receive a response from them.

So, the class did all the research to find the correct names and addresses to send the letters to. They stamped the letters and had their teacher send them out.

In December, during finals week, something unexpected happened. The class had just been about to start their exam when Jessi’s teacher received a phone call.

After hanging up the phone, her teacher told her to head down to the principal’s office. Here’s how the conversation with the principal went.

“Hi, principal. I was told to come to your office,” said Jessi.

“Hi, Jessi. Yeah, we have a little bit of a problem here,” said the principal.

“Whatever it was, I didn’t do it.”

Helistockter – illustrative purposes only

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