She’s Refusing To Go On Vacation With Her Husband’s Family Since Nobody Got Them A Wedding Present

“I imagine that we will get stuck paying for everything, as we have in the past since there is just little care,” she explained.

“I feel like they tend to often be selfish and use us for things, and I don’t really want to spend my money and vacation time on a cruise with them versus doing something else. A lunch, fine, but not a whole vacation.”

She also clarified that she didn’t need an expensive gift, either. One of her guests just bought her and her husband some thrifted wine glasses that cost $4. She thinks the glasses are beautiful, and they wound up being one of her favorite wedding gifts.

And it’s not just that the glasses are pretty, but she could really tell how much thought the guest put into both the present and wrapping.

“It’s that they came and didn’t even bother to get us a card or really wish us well. It just feels disrespectful,” she vented.

Still, her husband doesn’t agree with her and is instead pretty upset with her. He claimed that he couldn’t go on the cruise by himself since all of the guests were couples.

That’s why they’re now stuck between a rock and a hard place, and she’s wondering whether refusing to go on the cruise because her husband’s family didn’t get them a wedding card or gift makes her a jerk.

Does it sound like she’s just upset about not getting a present or the lack of care that her husband’s family shows them? Does she have a right to still feel butthurt about what happened? Would you go on the cruise if you were in her shoes? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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