She’s Sharing An Embarrassing Breakup Story Where Her Partner Requested Some Space From Her, But Then Dumped Her After The Time Was Up

Mediteraneo - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Breakups are usually emotional and painful and can get pretty messy, so it’s normal to feel down about it when it happens to you. But sometimes, a relationship ends in a way that’s so ridiculous you’re left scratching your head in confusion over what just happened before you can even begin to feel sad.

TikToker Ely (@elykreimendahl) is sharing an embarrassing breakup story about the time her partner requested some space from her, then dumped her after time was up, leaving Ely in utter bafflement.

One time, she dated someone who suggested they stop speaking to each other for six weeks to see if they missed each other. Ely agreed, and when six weeks had passed, they met up again.

She told her partner that she had missed them, but apparently, they did not feel the same way. So, what was originally supposed to be a six-week-long hiatus from the relationship unexpectedly turned into a permanent breakup.

And the icing on the cake in this story was that Ely was not an immature youngster at the time that this occurred. She was actually 31-years-old!

As people on TikTok are apt to do, several users left comments under her video about similar experiences they went through.

“My ex-husband ghosted me for 3 days after spazzing on me for realizing he was lying to me then came back and said he missed good morning/night texts,” wrote one user.

“I wonder if he found someone else and wanted to see if he liked her better but wanted to keep you waiting in case he didn’t,” surmised another.

“Same thing happened to me but only 2 weeks. He said it was the best 2 weeks he ever had,” revealed a third.

Mediteraneo – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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