She’s Sharing An Important Message About Achieving And Maintaining Inner Peace

Rido - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

There are many things that can disrupt our sense of inner peace. For instance, there’s the need for validation from others, the desire to be perfect, and a negative attitude toward yourself. These disruptions can be brought on by the tension, pressures, and rush of life.

But despite the stresses of the modern world, it is possible to find inner peace. So, what is inner peace?

Inner peace is the state of mental, emotional, and spiritual calm you feel within yourself. When it comes to reaching inner peace, you are the only one who can give that to yourself.

Remember that having inner peace does not mean you’ll never face stress again. Rather, it will help build your resilience and improve your handle on things when the going gets tough.

Lori Wheeler (@loriwheeler) is a human behavior specialist and life coach, and she’s on TikTok sharing an important message about achieving and maintaining inner peace.

First of all, she starts by saying that you deserve peace and fulfillment no matter who you are. However, it’s your responsibility for your own happiness and peace.

She explains that many people are dealing with things like unhealed traumas, attachment issues, and insecurities. When you’re experiencing these issues, you’re often under the illusion that certain people, things, and situations can give you peace, but in reality, they can’t.

In the caption of her video, she advises you to “stop allowing low vibrational people in your circle.” Even if those people are family members, they do not belong in your life if they disturb your peace and prevent you from being happy.

“So this is up to you. You can’t sit there and keep wishing that a situation is different and wishing that a person is different. If it is not serving what is going to give you that wholeness, then it is not for you. But you deserve happiness, and you’re in control,” concluded Lori.

Rido – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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