She’s Showing You How To Make A Cake Using Ice Cream Sandwiches

Brent Hofacker - illustrative purposes only

Do you remember excitedly chasing after the ice cream truck as a kid? That catchy jingle that floats through open windows in the summertime instantly alerts kids that the ice cream truck is cruising down the street, causing them to beg their parents to fork over some cash for a frozen sweet treat.

Once the truck stopped for you, you got to peruse all the colorful options. The most enticing ones they had to offer, by far, were the popsicles shaped like cartoon characters and, of course, the classic ice cream sandwiches.

Sadly, the number of ice cream trucks has declined over the years, so if you live in an area where they don’t come around anymore, there’s a way that you can still give your kids a taste of the experience you had when you were their age.

TikToker Jenn (@_thatparticularmom) has a recipe for an ice cream sandwich cake that will have you overcome with nostalgia for your childhood days.

And if you’re not much of a baker, you’re in luck! This recipe will be your dream come true. It doesn’t require any baking.

It’s also super easy and affordable to make but will still induce your kids with awe.

The ice cream sandwich cake is so simple to put together that you almost don’t even need instructions for it. But it’s so delicious that we just had to put it on your radar! So here’s how to make it.

First, gather full-sized ice cream sandwiches and layer them in a baking dish. Next, spread an even layer of Cool Whip on top, completely covering the ice cream sandwiches.

You can use whatever toppings you want! In her video, Jenn decided on crushed Oreos. Then, add another layer of ice cream sandwiches, filling up your pan to the brim.

Brent Hofacker – illustrative purposes only

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