She’s Started Ignoring Her Husband When He Hints That He Needs Her Help Since It Really Bothers Her That He Never Asks Her Directly

deagreez - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Sometimes, our partner’s bad habits can be a bit annoying.

This woman’s husband doesn’t ever directly ask her if she can do something for him. Instead, he repeatedly hints and complains about how he needs to get something done until she ends up doing the task herself.

Since their family only has one car, her daughter sometimes needs to get a ride from one of them, usually two days a week, to get to work before she goes to school. Her daughter works at her school, and while she normally takes the bus, sometimes her shifts are scheduled before the buses are running.

Tomorrow, their daughter will need a ride, and it would work well with her husband’s schedule for him to drive her.

“He’s already leaving (I work from home), so it just makes sense for him to do it. He has to leave about 20 minutes earlier than usual,” she said.

Sometimes, she takes her daughter to work, and when she does, she drops her daughter off and comes back to the house, and then the moment she gets home, her husband has to take the car to work.

Even though it wouldn’t be much of a hassle for him, he was annoyed and complaining about how he’d be the one taking their daughter to work.

Apparently, her husband is the type of person who sleeps in as much as possible and gets ready as fast as he can before leaving the house.

“He keeps making comments like, ‘I guess I got to go to bed earlier so I can get up to take her to work…’ like he expects me to step in and volunteer,” she explained.

deagreez – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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