She’s Supposed To Go On A Date With A Guy, But He Keeps Trying To Force Her To Invite Him Over To Her Place, So She Wants To Cancel Last Minute

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Two weeks ago, this girl ended up meeting a man and agreed to go out on a first date with him.

Although their date was lovely, as they were wrapping things up, he suggested that they head back to her place.

She did turn him down and say no to his proposal, and this guy was completely alright with her shooting him down.

But she did say yes to going out on another date with him, so his trying to come back to her house didn’t completely turn her off.

Unfortunately, ever since they made plans for their second date, this guy has just kept trying to force her to invite him over.

“However, since then, he keeps insinuating that we’ll be doing something at my house despite 1, me never once inviting him and 2, me living with family,” she explained.

“So we spoke on the phone yesterday, and he acknowledged that he could see why I felt uncomfortable having him round since we just met, and I agreed to meet up with him in public the next day for a date.”

Their second date is coming up quite soon, and it’s going to be happening later today. This guy did send her a text stating that he’s going to be leaving soon to meet up with her.

He then mentioned that she needed to text him her address so he knows where she lives and can come over…even though she has said no multiple times to inviting him back to her place.

ID 116597323 – © Phartisan – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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