She’s Talking About The Rudest Date She Ever Went On In LA With A Guy Who Refused To Open The Car Door For Her

James Shin - illustrative purposes only

TikToker Annie Shaffer (@anniekshaffer) lives in Los Angeles, and she’s talking about the rudest date she ever went on with a guy who refused to open the car door for her.

So she went on a date with this guy, and by the end of it, she decided that she wasn’t interested in getting to know him further. During their date, he had said some things that alerted her to the fact they were not compatible with each other. But overall, she still had a nice time with him.

However, when it was time to take her back home, things didn’t stay nice. As they headed to his car, he veered straight for the driver’s side of the vehicle. Annie asked if he was going to open the car door for her. Without delay or hesitation, he said he wasn’t.

Annie was a little taken aback because the men she usually went on dates with would always open the door for her. This guy owned a Tesla, and Annie didn’t know how to open the doors since she had never done it before.

She could not figure out how to open it. While she was struggling, her date was already seated and directing her to push on the door. When she still wasn’t successful, he accused her of pretending she didn’t know how to open it.

She glanced around, wondering if there was someone walking by who could help her get the door ajar. Finally, he exited the car, walked around it, and pushed the door open for her.

She thanked him and entered the vehicle. After she got in, she saw that he had left the passenger door wide open and was already headed back to the driver’s side.

So she was forced to reach over and close the door herself. Even though things between them may not have worked out, she thought his behavior was incredibly rude.

As he started driving, she pointed out to him that he could’ve just been a gentleman instead of making the situation awkward and difficult. He told her that being a gentleman wasn’t his thing.

James Shin – illustrative purposes only

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