The CDC Is Saying You Shouldn’t Kiss Or Snuggle Your Turtle

It’s also a good idea to place the turtle in a spot in your home that’s away from where food is usually eaten or prepared.

When it comes to cleaning your turtle’s environment, make sure you have a separate set of cleaning materials, like sponges, reserved just for the turtle’s tank and items. If you choose to wash your turtle’s habitat in the bathtub or shower, make sure to remove any of your items from the area first and heavily disinfect it when finished.

If you do have a turtle and suddenly decide they are not the pet for you, do not release it into the wild. Not only is this cruel to your turtle, but it can affect and disrupt local wildlife. Instead, contact some friends and family or a local pet store about rehoming your turtle.

Turtles are awesome little creatures who bring many families joy each day. But just like any pet, they must be treated very carefully so that the turtle and their owners stay safe.

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