The Grass Is Always Greener When It’s Zoysia, But It Does Take Some Effort On Your Part To Maintain Its Beauty As Your Lawn

Try to water early in the morning to lower the risk of fungal disease and so the grass can dry quickly. Once your lawn has been established, then you can ease up on the watering if you’d like.

To determine how much fertilizer your turf needs, have a soil test performed. Soil tests measure nutrient levels. You can take a sample and submit it to a soil testing lab for analysis.

There are also DIY home methods you can utilize for testing, but they do not produce results that are as accurate.

Typically, zoysia requires two to five fertilizations during the growing season, which equates to two to four pounds of nitrogen per one thousand square feet of turf.

Over-fertilizing can cause a layer of decomposing stems and roots to develop. Raking can help break it up if this does occur.

Finally, mow zoysia grass frequently to maintain the optimal height of one to two inches.

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