Tips For Making Plus-Ones Feel Welcome And Included At Your Wedding

ID 71620638 - © Volodymyr Ivash - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

One of the biggest reliefs when planning your big day is finally sending out wedding invitations. You’ve nailed down a venue, hired a caterer, and can now enjoy the build-up to saying, “I do.”

But, while it’s crucial to consider guests during your wedding planning process, you should also keep their plus-ones in mind. These significant others or friends who are accompanying your guests likely mean a lot to them, and you want to help plus-ones feel included.

Making sure plus-ones feel welcome and taken care of can add a special touch to your big day, making it feel extremely thoughtful. Here’s how to do just that.

How To Make Plus-Ones Feel Included

When it comes to seating arrangements, your chart isn’t just for placing families together. It’s also about creating an environment where everyone feels comfortable.

So, to help plus-ones feel more welcome, you can consider placing them near people they know. Or, if you know that a plus-one isn’t acquainted with anyone else who will be at your wedding, you can always seat them within friendly groups where it will be easy to spark up a conversation.

Communicating with plus-ones in advance of your wedding can also help them feel particularly cared for. If possible, you can reach out to guests to gather the names of plus-ones and determine if they have any dietary preferences, allergies, or other questions about the event.

Personalizing their experience, even in small ways, shows thoughtfulness and consideration.

It’s also crucial to remember that being a plus-one at a wedding can be intimidating. After all, weddings are typically very intimate affairs, and walking into one without knowing any other attendees is sometimes frightening.

ID 71620638 – © Volodymyr Ivash – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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