Watermelon Fries With Strawberry Dip Make For A Refreshing Summer Snack

ID 166959195 - © Ihar Ivanouski - - illustrative purposes only

Are you currently having a craving for French fries but promised yourself you wouldn’t give in to  every little whim?  Well, there’s a way you can still enjoy French fries but without the carbs from potatoes. And there’s no frying required.

A TikTok account, @recipes, is demonstrating how to prepare this summer snack that went viral after the original creator, Heather (@happykidskitchen), posted about it on TikTok.

As summer winds down, give it a good ending with these watermelon fries that can be dunked into a pink strawberry yogurt dip.

Obviously, it’s not the same as your regular French fries since they’re made from fruit, but still, they’re worth a try! Plus, they’re a lot healthier.

With this method of making “fries,” you can turn ordinary watermelon into fun shapes using a French fry crinkle cutting tool.

After the watermelon season is over, you can still make good use of the tool and crinkle cut all kinds of foods, like cheese, carrots, and green veggies. It’ll make them much more desirable to kids who are picky eaters.

For the watermelon fries, the first step is to cut a whole watermelon in half and slice one of the halves into pieces. Then, all you need to do is use a crinkle cutting tool to create fry-like sticks with wavy edges.

Next, make the strawberry yogurt dip by combining vanilla Greek yogurt, three strawberries, and some honey in a food processor. Blend until it’s smooth. You can dip a piece of watermelon to taste the dip and adjust the level of sweetness to your liking.

Another dipping option you can try if you want to be more indulgent is a cream cheese and marshmallow dip. Simply mix together cream cheese and marshmallow creme.

ID 166959195 – © Ihar Ivanouski – – illustrative purposes only

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