When She Was A Kid, A Whole Bunch of Fresh Food Seemingly Dropped From The Sky And Landed In Her Yard Out of Nowhere, And It’s Still A Mystery To This Day

Svetlana Samorod - illustrative purposes only

Throughout history, the world has been filled with stories of miraculous occurrences that came to be without any rhyme or reason. They never fail to baffle those who hear about them. One woman is sharing about her own unexplained miracle on TikTok.

TikToker Brooke (@brookesobasic) is telling a story about an event that happened in her childhood that is still a mystery to this day. A whole stash of food seemingly dropped from the sky and landed in their yard out of nowhere.

Growing up, Brooke’s family was struggling financially. So anytime she was hungry, she always felt a little bit guilty because she didn’t want her parents to have to worry about paying for food.

So Brooke, her mom, and her brother were at home one hot summer day. Suddenly, they heard a loud crash and a series of banging on the roof of their house.

They had been on the second floor of the house when the strange noises occurred. On the second floor, there was a porch and a balcony, and they could hear sounds coming from those areas as well.

As soon as the banging stopped, they rushed toward the balcony. When they looked outside, they saw a bunch of produce scattered everywhere. Fresh food items were littered on the balcony and the ground on both sides of the house.

They ran outside and noticed wooden crates lying around. So they started grabbing all the produce and shoving it into the crates.

There were things like cabbage, potatoes, and carrots. Brooke’s mom was super excited. But as they walked around the yard, her mom yelled out for them to stop what they were doing.

They didn’t know where all that food had come from. So they started looking over at their neighbors’ yards but didn’t see any produce.

Svetlana Samorod – illustrative purposes only

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