Your Guide To Coping With Homesickness After Leaving For College This Year

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While going to college is often known to be one of the most exciting, fun, and liberating experiences a young person can have, it also comes with challenges.

One of those challenges particularly strikes teenagers who choose to go to a college far away from their hometown – homesickness.

Feeling homesick is something that happens to all of us at some point, whether that be early or later in life. Yet, it’s extremely common among college students, as for many teenagers, it’s their first time packing up their things and moving away from their families. It even happens to those who attend school only an hour or so away from home!

So, if you’re currently in college or are getting ready for your first year, here are some tips for how to cope with feeling homesick at school.

First, have some of your favorite comforting items from home with you at school. If you have a blanket that was on your childhood bed every night, bring it with you. If there’s a picture of you and your hometown friends or parents that you love, hang it up. And hey, don’t feel ashamed if there’s a little stuffed animal from home that brings you comfort. They can hang out in your dorm, too!

Having something from home with you in your dorm room or college apartment will make the space feel a bit more like home and can ease the transition you’re making.

Next, make sure you’re spending your time getting involved on campus. Whether that means joining a club, routinely meeting with your new friends, or attending campus events, filling up your time is essential for not getting too wrapped up in the homesick blues.

Sitting around in your dorm room with nothing to do will only force you to dwell on your homesickness and make things harder for yourself. Get out there and soak up that college fun!

This next tip may sound obvious, but it’s important. Make sure you carve out time to keep in touch with your loved ones from home. When I first got to college, I called my mom almost every day while I adjusted to my new life.

D Lahoud/ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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