You’re Ready To Tie The Knot, But How Much Time Do You Really Need To Plan Your Wedding?

Tasha Sinchuk - illustrative purposes only

Picture this: you’ve received a sparkling diamond ring, exclaimed a resounding “yes,” and you’ve had the delightful realization that your wedding is in the near future.

But then, reality sets in. How long does it really take to plan a wedding? The answer is as varied as the weddings themselves, and each couple’s journey is unique.

In a perfect world, couples might have 12 to 18 months to plan their special day. This timeframe allows for leisurely venue shopping, dress fittings, and cake tastings. There’s also time to explore every whimsical idea seen on Pinterest or Instagram and to assemble a superstar team of vendors.

If you are given the luxury of so much time, your timeline might look like the following. When you are 10 to 18 months out from your wedding, you may choose to book a wedding planner, a photographer, and a videographer, any musicians you hope to be at your big day, a celebrant, and, of course, your ceremony and reception venue.

During this same period, many couples begin looking for the perfect wedding gown and tuxedo.

Then, when you are between eight and 10 months away from your ceremony, you can begin doing bridal hair and makeup trials. At the same time, you can decide on your floral vision and book a florist.

When you are five to eight months away from your wedding, things will start to feel even more “real.” At this point, you can narrow down your wedding cake, the attire you want for your wedding party, and transportation to and from your wedding day. Finally, you can begin executing your ideal decor ideas for the event.

But let’s be real– this is an extremely leisurely planning process. And sometimes, life just doesn’t afford us this luxury.

Sometimes, love doesn’t wait, and a wedding is put together in just a few short months or even weeks.

Tasha Sinchuk – illustrative purposes only

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