A Dad Took A Video of Himself Throwing Cake In His Young Daughter’s Face

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Is it okay to prank your kids? That depends on the prank. We all need a break from our lives sometimes, and what better way to do that than to play a harmless, lighthearted prank to make the whole family laugh out loud?

However, some parents can take it a little too far and cause their kids to experience hurt and damage that lasts a lifetime.

One dad on TikTok posted a video of himself grabbing a handful of whipped cream from atop a slice of cake and throwing it in his young daughter’s face. The camera panned to show a toddler covered in whipped cream.

Another TikTok creator, @garbagemouth, stitched the video, pointing out that the dad may have intended it to be a harmless joke, but for the little girl, it’ll probably be a core memory that leaves behind deep emotional scars.

“You know, it’s amazing what a person can recall from their childhood that upset them or embarrassed them or traumatized them,” said the creator.

She explained that when she was a child, her own father thought it was “hysterical” to throw a blanket over her head and trap her underneath it. This experience has resulted in her developing claustrophobia, and to this day, she still cannot tolerate having a blanket over her head.

“If a blanket even accidentally goes over my head now as a fully grown adult, I get panicky like I’m a child again,” she said.

She also mentioned that the whipped cream incident was embarrassing for the little girl. Many parents think children won’t remember certain events from when they were young, but you can never truly determine what memories a child will retain.

“And not only can she recall it now, you got video evidence of embarrassing her,” concluded the creator.

New Africa – illustrative purposes only

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