A Lot of Women Are Finding Comfort In Post-Break Up Routines Being Shared On Social Media

“Because my tradition is spent in the bed hysterically crying.”

Heather responded to this comment, saying that is what she did after she got home from her solo night out.

While Heather’s post-breakup routine involves more lavish rituals to try and make herself feel better, other content creators have shared the darker days and moments of a breakup, filming themselves putting makeup on for the day while wiping tears from their eyes.

Other creators like Lisi (@lisirenaa_) have been vulnerable in filming the state of their homes and bedrooms after a breakup, which is often in disarray. 

In one of her videos, Lisi can be seen cleaning her messy apartment two months after a breakup, inspiring her viewers by telling them that the “healing process is hard” but she’s taking things one day at a time. 

“You got this girly!” commented one user on Lisi’s video.

“Stay motivated. You motivated me, that’s for sure.” 

If you’re looking for tips on coping with a breakup or simply need to see someone go through the same heartbreaking process as you, there is a big sisterhood on the internet trying to heal together. The post-break-up routine trend seems to be an example of the internet adding some more unity to our lives.


my breakup tradition – take myself to dinner, try to look better than i feel, listen to MJ, & fervently journal at the bar ordering anything i want #grwm

? Just Fine – Mary J. Blige

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