A Single Mom She Went To College With Keeps Asking Her To Give Her Rides Places, And She Doesn’t Want To Help Her

However, she quickly discovered that the woman meant that she had to pick up her son from the gym’s daycare.

Normally, she would have taken the bus, but she missed it due to the gym’s daycare employees taking a while to bring her son back to her.

“As she and her son (about 5-years-old) get into my van, she asks if we can stop at the dollar store. I remind her I’m in a hurry,” she explained.

“I ask for directions to where we are going (meaning her home). Soon, I realized we were at the dollar store. As I park, I make it clear I’m staying in the car, and she needs to be quick.”

Before getting out of the van, the woman asked her if she could have $5, and at this point, she couldn’t believe that this woman was demanding so much of her. But she didn’t have any cash on her, so she didn’t give her any money.

Luckily, the woman and her son didn’t spend much time at the dollar store, and the apartment she directed her to was about two blocks away from the store.

“During the drive, I learned she also works at the daycare her son attends (in the same building as my gym),” she shared.

“This means that she will be getting off work and picking her son up at the same time as me. I began to suspect this request for a ride might be a regular thing.”

Unfortunately, her prediction was spot on. This woman has asked her twice more for a ride when she’s been picking up her sons from the gym’s daycare.

By coincidence, she’d been running behind schedule both times, so even if she’d wanted to, she wouldn’t have had time to take the woman and her son home.

Understandably, she doesn’t want this woman repeatedly asking her for rides whenever she runs into her.

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