After A Brunch Date With A Guy, He Showed Up Drunk At Her Apartment In The Middle of The Night, And She Let Him In

toyechkina - illustrative purposes only

When you’re dating someone new, the road to your future together is riddled with uncertainties. But if your date appears at your house unannounced in an overly inebriated state, one thing’s for sure–that road is closed down forever.

TikToker Lex (@alexa_xo3) is talking about how a guy she had been seeing showed up drunk at her apartment in the middle of the night.

So she met this guy on a dating app, and they agreed to go to brunch together on a Sunday. But she didn’t hear from him on Friday or Saturday. By the time Saturday rolled around, she had already made up her mind that she would not go on the date if he didn’t contact her.

At 11:30 p.m. on Saturday, he texted her to confirm their plans. She was awake but didn’t respond because she thought it was incredibly rude of him to text her so late at night. They hadn’t even picked a time or place to meet up, and their date was supposed to be tomorrow.

She texted him back at 7:30 in the morning, telling him that she would not be attending brunch after all. Then, he called her, asking if he had read her message correctly.

She explained why she no longer wanted to go out with him. He apologized, claiming that he had been with his family all day but wanted to make it up to her.

After hanging up the phone, they made plans through text messaging to grab dinner the following Thursday. When they met at the restaurant, she found that she wasn’t really into him, and their conversation had been mediocre.

He ended up walking her back to her place, which was ten minutes away from the restaurant. She invited him inside to meet her roommate and dog.

She decided that if he reached out again, she would agree to a second date just to give him a fair shot. He did text her again and visited her at home one night after work. After their second meeting, she concluded that there were no sparks between them and planned to ghost him.

toyechkina – illustrative purposes only

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