Belt Bags, AKA Fanny Packs, Are Making A Comeback: Here’s How To Style Them

NesolenayaAleksandra - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Whether you call them belt bags or fanny packs, these handy accessories have returned to the fashion scene and become a statement piece that everyone just has to have.

Who could’ve guessed that this ’80s trend would make such a big comeback?

Belt bags are excellent for running errands, going on walks, or for trips to the amusement park. Gone are the days of carrying around bulky wallets and digging through your purse for that one lipstick.

Now, you can easily find everything you need in your belt bag, and it’s essentially weightless.

They’re especially convenient for moms who are always on the go because it allows them to be hands-free while they juggle hauling around diaper bags and setting up strollers.

Even if you’re not a mom, belt bags can be a fashionable addition to your look, no matter the outfit or occasion! Here’s how you can wear this accessory in a fresh, stylish way.

Belt bags can be worn around the waist, across the chest, or over the shoulder. If you want to wear yours at the hip, pair it with some high-waisted pants or shorts.

The belt bag will cinch your waist, making you appear slimmer and working to elevate your look.

If you’re wearing jeans, there’s no need to put your fanny pack through the belt loops. Simply wrap it around your waist so the pouch hangs chicly off to the side.

NesolenayaAleksandra – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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