Biker Boots Are The Biggest Footwear Trend of The Fall Season, And Here’s How You Can Style Them

mlasaimages - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Look out, cowboy boots! The word on the street is that biker boots will be the biggest shoe trend of the fall season. The grungy, chunky footwear is both chic and practical.

The hefty buckles and other metallic accents found on the boots will instantly elevate even the most basic outfit, providing an edgy twist.

The style is bold and strong, but they can also work with feminine looks, lending an edge to your more delicate pieces.

Plus, they have thick soles that will keep your feet comfortable, and their durability means that they will be able to handle the harsh conditions of winter.

Biker boots are in line with the typical ’90s grunge trends we see on a regular basis, like the leather knee-highs with endless laces or the ever-popular combat boots. But there’s something about the biker boot that can’t be beat.

Whether you’re the motorcycle-riding type or not, we’ll probably all be stomping around in biker boots this fall, so here are some of the best ways you can style them!

Combine a pair of mid-calf biker boots with sleek black dresses, mini skirts, or wide-legged denim. Or you can take it back to the early aughts and rock your skinny jeans again.

If you really want to lean into the tough biker look, pick a pair with plenty of statement-making studs and buckles to send the message that no one can mess with you.

The hardware on biker boots is usually silver, which adds to the cold, edgy aesthetic, while gold provides more warmth.

mlasaimages – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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