By Recognizing The Signs of Overstimulation In Kids, You Can Learn To Avoid Meltdowns And Tantrum-Like Behavior

Sometimes, when kids are experiencing sensory overload, they’ll engage in calming behaviors, like rocking back and forth, humming, or pacing.

How Can You Help Your Overstimulated Child?

Once you’re able to identify that your child is overstimulated, the next course of action would be to remove the stimuli or take your child away from the overwhelming environment.

If taking a break from the stimulation isn’t possible, try to cover their ears, turn down the lights, or hold them close–whatever you can do to soothe them as much as you can.

For older children, you can teach them some coping skills, such as breathing techniques, lying on the ground, going for a walk, drinking water, or focusing on calming objects or thoughts.

Do your best to plan ahead so you can prevent overstimulation from occurring. Keep activities and errands short, or schedule a break in between each thing you need to do for the day.

If a child is becoming overstimulated on a regular basis, it may require some medical intervention. A healthcare provider can offer advice to help you manage your child’s behavior, or they may suggest an evaluation for issues like anxiety, autism, or ADHD.

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