Even If Your Backyard Is Smaller In Size, It Still Has Huge Potential To Feel Spacious, Comfortable, And Vibrant

Use Levels To Incorporate Depth

Features such as an elevated dining space, raised garden beds, and a lower-level seating area surrounding a fire pit add depth when combined together and make your yard feel bigger by creating subtle nooks in places where heights are used.

Installing steps to connect different levels will provide free-flowing energy to your space. Don’t incorporate more than two or three levels, though. Although a multi-level yard is stylish and great for adding depth, too many levels can make it appear cluttered.

Add Curves

Your lawn may be rectangular, but there’s no reason why you can’t add curves! Straight and linear garden features often feel too blunt and confining.

Curvy shapes create dimension, soften edges, and widen a space by bringing in a sense of movement. Pair a curvaceous fence with tall ornamental grasses and flowering plants, or add a winding garden path.

Construct A Focal Point

When your yard has a focal point for people to direct their attention to, it distracts from the smaller dimensions of your space. For example, a compact bar area, a fountain, or a small reflective pool can be the stars of the show.

If you want something more simple, a floral arrangement or an artfully designed seating area with furniture made of durable wood that sparks a conversation can serve as a focal point as well.

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