Every Time He Goes Out To Eat With His Girlfriend, She Never Leaves A Decent Tip, Complains About The Food, And Argues Over The Bill So She Can Get Out of Paying The Full Amount

triocean - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 33-year-old guy has a girlfriend a year younger than him, and they have been dating for close to two years now.

He thinks that his girlfriend is pretty much the girl of his dreams, and he does want to marry her one day.

But his girlfriend has terrible restaurant etiquette, and it bothers him immensely; more than he thinks it really should.

First of all, what he means by awful etiquette in a restaurant is that his girlfriend barely leaves a tip.

He and his girlfriend make great money, so it’s not that she’s stingy on her tips because of a lack of funds.

They always take turns paying every time they do go out to eat, and when he pays, he leaves a tip of approximately 20%.

“Over the weekend, she tipped $3 on a $46 bill,” he explained. “Sometimes I’ve tried to leave cash on the table, but she gets upset, takes it, hands it back to me.”

“We’ve only had a few fights, and almost every one of them has started like this. She is absolutely convinced that throwing a few dollars is more than enough.”

“She gets ALL of this from her family. Her parents took us out last Christmas to a very expensive steak house. Her dad made an absolute scene and production of tipping $20 on a $500+ bill “because it’s the holidays.”

triocean – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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