He And His Wife Want To Continue Giving $1,000 Bonuses To Help Out Their Son’s Teachers, Even Though The School Admin Asked Them To Stop

Now, he believes that a different teacher– maybe from a previous year or a different educator altogether– might have said something about the gifts.

But he cannot imagine who would do something like that because he and his wife only ever received gratitude from their son’s last teachers.

“All the previous teachers and aides– four women– have been over the moon over the thank-you gifts,” he explained.

“We’ve gotten such nice thank you cards, hugged before. One of the aides started crying in appreciation with my wife, telling her how much it meant to her,” he continued.

“So, they clearly like the financial gifts. What’s the problem here? They deserve every penny.”

Not to mention, his son’s school is always trying to raise money from parents to help out with classroom activity costs.

That’s why he just doesn’t understand how the $500 Amazon gift card is viewed as a bad thing when it could definitely assist the school with classroom expenses.

“We think it’s puzzling why we would need to stop the Amazon gift card and think it’s absolutely nobody else’s business what we tip, bonus, or gift at Christmas break and on the last day,” he vented.

He and his wife realize that the teachers may be discussing the gifts in the staff lounge, leading other educators to feel jealous if they’re not teaching his son.

Regardless, they don’t think that’s a valid reason for the school to ban their gifts if the money can really help the school and its students.

That’s why he and his wife are considering just disregarding the admin’s instructions and continuing to give big gifts– with the next one being at Christmas.

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