He Bought His Brother And Sister-In-Law An Expensive Baby Monitor After They Had A Baby, But He’s Offended They’re Not Using It Because They’re Afraid of Security Breaches

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This man’s brother and sister-in-law recently welcomed a new baby girl into the world. So, he and his wife decided to buy the new parents a pair of baby monitors– the same kind they had used when their own children were babies.

At the time, his brother and sister-in-law seemed happy with the gift, too. However, he’s come to realize that they have not actually used the baby monitors at all.

According to him, his brother and sister-in-law are currently using an “old kind” of monitor that does not have any video or WiFi capability. He realized this after his brother decided to show him the baby’s nursery.

Afterward, he confronted his brother about the old monitor, but his brother claimed they didn’t use the gift due to security reasons.

Apparently, his brother and his sister-in-law are simply uncomfortable with the idea of having a baby monitor with video or WiFi in case of security breaches.

“Just before my niece was born, they moved out of their apartment and bought a house,” he recalled.

“And now that my brother said it, I noticed they don’t have any smart or WiFi-capable appliances or even a Ring camera.”

Sure, his brother and sister-in-law both have cell phones and separate work phones. But, they still use data on the devices as opposed to WiFi. In order to use their laptops, his brother and sister-in-law also have two dedicated cables that plug into the computers and allow them to get on the internet.

So, his brother claimed that they just did not want any devices in their home that could possibly be exploited or hacked– especially if it could put their daughter in danger.

MockupsShop – illustrative purposes only

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