He Called His Girlfriend Depressing To Talk To, And He Really Can’t Handle All Her Doom And Gloom

artmim - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Unfortunately, this man’s relationship with his girlfriend, whom he has been dating for five years, hasn’t been going well for a while because his girlfriend has had a bout of bad luck for the past couple of months.

His girlfriend was horrifically in two different car accidents within a short time span. She wasn’t in the wrong in either case, but now she might have to buy a new car because of the damage from the two accidents. At this point, she doesn’t know how much her car insurance company will provide her.

Sadly, the tough times for his girlfriend didn’t end there.

She hasn’t been getting along with her roommates, and the air conditioning in their apartment recently stopped working, which isn’t fun no matter where you live, but they live in one of the warmest states in the United States, so the heat is unbearable.

His girlfriend’s landlord has been taking his time with getting around to fixing the air conditioning, so her room has reached 85 degrees or more on bad days.

Then, things got even worse. His girlfriend’s credit card information was stolen recently, so with all the awful things she’s been going through, her mood has understandably suffered immensely.

“I’ve done what I can to cheer her up a little–watching her favorite shows with her, sending money to get her nails done, etc. And besides that, I’ve just tried to be a positive person she can go to for emotional support, even if it’s just someone to rant to,” he said.

However, he has gotten fed up with his girlfriend’s ranting and sour attitude. He feels like no matter what he says or does, it doesn’t change her mood. While he feels awful for what his girlfriend has been going through, he feels overwhelmed with her emotions and pessimism. He has his own struggles that he has to cope with, and it’s difficult for him to carry her burden as well as his own.

“I just started a new job, which has been stressful, and I’ve had some family stuff happen as well that I haven’t even mentioned to her because I know she’s had a lot on her plate. Last night, we got into a small argument. She said she’d been feeling insecure recently, and I asked her why and if there was anything I could do to help. She proceeded to basically blame me and complain that I don’t do enough of this and that, etc., and I admit I kind of snapped at that point,” he explained.

artmim – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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