He Cut Contact With His Daughter After Finding Out She Knew About His Wife’s Affair And Was Paid A Lot of Money To Keep The Infidelity A Secret

Still, his daughter eventually showed up, and he confronted his wife. His wife did not deny any of the cheating, either.

Instead, she reportedly acted “heartless,” scolding him for lacking intimacy and not being affectionate.

He admitted that his wife was honestly right about that. But he was simply trying to focus on achieving their goal of early retirement.

Regardless, his daughter wound up jumping into the argument, too, and berating his wife for being a cheater.

His daughter could have chosen to stay quiet and not get involved. But, since she jumped in, his wife decided to expose his daughter– causing him to find out that she knew about the cheating all along.

His wife spilled the beans about how she had been having an affair since the COVID-19 pandemic ended. Then, his daughter found out, and his wife’s affair partner gave his daughter a ton of money in order to keep the secret quiet.

“My daughter tried apologizing, but it wasn’t enough,” he explained.

“My daughter meant everything to me and my wife, and they destroyed me.”

After that, he fled the house– ignoring every single phone call from his daughter. He also waited until nighttime to go back to the house, pack up his clothes, and leave.

He figured his wife would be home by that point, but she wasn’t. So, he assumed that she was probably out with the other guy.

As for his daughter, he blocked her phone number and does not want any association with her anymore.

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