He Doesn’t Want To Invite His Friend To His Wedding After He Caused Him To Herniate A Disk While Playing Baseball

shchus - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This man is a part of a close-knit group of seven friends that he’s known for 20 years since his freshman year at Penn State.

“Peter, in particular, has always been the liveliest among us and honestly the adhesive that kept us together, be it organizing fishing trips or hosting Thanksgiving dinners at his place. Peter is a big man, 6’6”, and an ex-D1 footballer,” he explained.

Even though these days Peter works as a consultant for a big company, he still goes to the gym regularly.

Over the years, the group has had a tradition of getting together for Thanksgiving at one of their houses with their partners.

“Last Thanksgiving, however, something unfortunate happened. We were playing backyard baseball. I was a catcher, and Peter was on third. As he was tagging up, he ran into me full force. Now, I’m not a small guy myself (6’2”, 195 pounds), but Peter knocked the wind out of me and caused a herniated disc in my lower back,” he shared.

At the time, he was rightfully angry about the injury, mostly because he wasn’t able to go on the golf outings with doctors that he would normally have attended as part of his pharmaceutical sales job.

While he doesn’t blame Peter directly, he does feel stressed because the injury has cost him a lot of money for the recovery process as well as his ability to work.

“As we enter our 40s, our bodies don’t recover as easily as they did when we were in our 20s. Not to mention, it’s pretty unnecessary to play that hard in backyard baseball (although he’s always been that way,” he continued.

Adding insult to injury, Peter never said he was sorry for the accident. He doesn’t believe Peter intended to hurt him, but he does understandably feel upset that he hasn’t even received an apology. All Peter said about the incident was that he was “‘just playing the game.'”

shchus – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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