He Dumped His Girlfriend After She Made Out With A Guy At A College Football Game And Then Tried To Claim It Was A School Tradition

He believes that she didn’t tell him because she knows that he struggles to trust people, so she most likely didn’t want to make him feel like he couldn’t trust her.

Apparently, his girlfriend said that this school tradition is called “‘mugging down,'” and she claimed that some students develop “‘mug buddies,'” whom they sit next to at every football game. However, she tried to assure him that no one ever develops romantic feelings toward the people they kiss as part of this tradition.

He did his research and found that the “‘mugging down'” tradition was real, so he knows that her story about the tradition wasn’t a lie. He pointed out how strange this tradition is, especially to keep alive today.

“She also admitted to kissing other guys and girls during past football games ‘more times than she could count.’ This is something that I’ve never thought she was capable of until now, but I also suspect her of bringing some of these people home as well because she always disappears for the rest of the night after a game, usually saying she’s tired or is still with her friends. Her roommates deny this, but I don’t trust them to be honest with me regardless,” he shared.

He was able to get screenshots of texts between his girlfriend and one of her friends. In the texting conversation, the friend was angry with his girlfriend for bringing a guy from a football game home with her, and his girlfriend told her friend not to tell him about this.

After the discussion with his girlfriend, he broke up with her. Ever since, she has been calling and texting him, telling him he’s blowing this out of proportion. Her roommates also reached out to him to say the same thing, as well as her father.

His girlfriend’s father texted him and said it was outrageous to be angry with her over “participating in the school tradition.” Her father also attended Texas A&M, and he told him that he even participated in the tradition as a student.

Then, her father proceeded to call the tradition “‘good, clean fun; nothing malicious,'” adding that he’d be “‘disappointed'” if he really decided to end the relationship over something like this.

None of what his girlfriend’s roommates or her father said made him change his mind, though. He believed that drinking a lot and kissing strangers, especially while being in relationships with other people, is just a harmless tradition.

Also, he added that he’s concerned that his girlfriend went out to a public place after drinking so much that she saw a guy who looked like him, thought it was him, and proceeded to make out with the guy.

For quite a while, his girlfriend’s drinking has worried him, and they’ve talked about it many times. However, she’s never taken him seriously and has only gotten irritated when he’s brought it up. It started to feel pointless to continue talking about it with her.

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