He Got Accused Of Breaking “Bro Code” For Not Warning His Friend About A Girl’s Past Dating History Before They Started Going Out

olenachukhil - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A few months ago, this guy’s friend met a woman on a dating app and started going out with her. And as soon as he found out, he immediately recognized the girl.

“She was an ex-classmate of mine from high school,” he recalled.

Anyway, his friend and the girl really hit it off, and before long, the casual dates had turned into a full-blown relationship.

He was really happy for his friend, too, since he and the girl seemed to get along great.

Just yesterday, though, it all came crashing down when his friend informed him that they had broken up.

He was totally shocked and asked his friend why. Then, to his surprise, his friend started talking about the girl’s past.

Apparently, his friend found out that she had hooked up with a lot of guys in high school and was “passed around.” His friend reportedly got this information from another mutual friend and didn’t like it.

Aside from just breaking up with the girl, though, his friend was also furious with him for not giving a “warning” about the girl’s past earlier on.

He couldn’t believe his friend was angry about that, either.

olenachukhil – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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