He Got Accused Of Breaking “Bro Code” For Not Warning His Friend About A Girl’s Past Dating History Before They Started Going Out

“Like yeah, sure, I knew she dated a lot in high school, but she’s an extremely pretty woman and was one of the popular girls in high school,” he explained.

“So, how is that any surprising or something to warn him about?”

He tried defending himself by telling his friend that, too. He also wanted to point out how his friend acted like an idiot by ending the relationship over something so trivial.

“But I didn’t want to be too hard on my friend as he’s going into a breakup,” he said.

Regardless, his friend wound up accusing him of “breaking bro code” and claimed he should’ve considered his friend first before defending the girl’s dating history.

And now, with his friend so upset, he’s been left wondering whether not giving a “warning” about the girl’s past really did make him a jerk.

Do you think his friend broke up with their girlfriend for a valid reason? Can you understand why he didn’t think to “warn” his friend about her dating history? Was he really in the wrong here?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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