He Got Mad At His Sister For Trying To Outshine His Daughter At Her Piano Recital

phpetrunina14 - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

It’s normal for two young kids in the same family to compete against each other for attention now and then. But what if it was an adult trying to compete with a kid?

One man is fed up with his younger sister, who constantly tries to take attention away from his young daughter.

He’s 34 and has a nine-year-old daughter who is a musical prodigy. She started playing the piano when she was five and can compose symphonies. For the last four years, his daughter has played esteemed recitals, weddings, churches, and other social events.

Many members of his family have been extremely supportive of his daughter and appreciate her talent, all except one person – his 26-year-old sister.

“She’s incredibly entitled and spoiled and was especially upset when our parents began caring more about my late wife’s pregnancy with our daughter,” he explained.

“You may think she and I act the same, but my daughter’s piano talent is not my or her only personality. It just takes up a large portion of our lives.”

His younger sister would seem to disagree, getting incredibly frustrated and desperate to change the subject any time his daughter’s talents come up.

Recently, his family had relatives fly in all the way from Germany to attend one of his daughter’s recitals. It was the first time these relatives had flown in in years. 

“My daughter did amazingly, but the whole time, my sister was saying that they’re only impressed because of how young she is and that she could do this, and none of us would be amazed,” he recalled.

phpetrunina14 – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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