He Just Found Out That His Wife Went Behind His Back, Got A New Job, And Didn’t Tell Him About It

elnariz - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man and his wife have been married for over two decades. And throughout their marriage, his wife never worked unless she wanted to. That way, she could just focus on raising their children.

“Which she is amazing at,” he said.

But, now that their youngest kid is 13-years-old, his wife has some more time to herself. So, he encouraged her to come work with him and help him grow their business. After all, the quicker they do that, the quicker they will be able to retire.

However, his wife gave him some pushback and actually started to become a bit cold and distant after that. Then, she wound up getting a new job behind his back and hid her new position from him.

He only found out about his wife’s job from her laptop after she accidentally left it open with her new work email pulled up.

“I’m heartbroken by this. I feel betrayed,” he explained.

“If she would have said she wanted to pursue something different, I would have supported her wholeheartedly.”

Instead, his wife’s job is now just a sore spot in their relationship. She claims that she didn’t get the job for any negative reasons. Rather, his wife felt like she just needed to do it for herself, and she thought she was justified in her actions– even though she realized that she handled it the wrong way.

Nonetheless, he just feels like his wife is making cop-out excuses for hurting him.

elnariz – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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