He Left In The Middle of A Date Because The Girl Chewed With Her Mouth Open

“With her, it wasn’t just chewing with her mouth open. It was also loud smacking noises. She was eating like she hadn’t eaten in three weeks, was slurping her food, and making aggressive ‘nom nom’ sounds,” he continued.

He expressed that he doesn’t have any problems with women eating the amount of food they want, with no apologies. His issues with the way Maria ate her meal had nothing to do with the common unfair complaint of how women shouldn’t eat a lot in public.

He acknowledged that he could eat a large amount of food at one time, so it wasn’t related to the amount of food she was consuming because he would never look down on anyone for something like that.

His concerns stemmed from the fact that she clearly didn’t have any table etiquette and was acting completely rude and gross.

To try to confront the situation head-on, he asked Maria as kindly as possible to keep her mouth closed while chewing her food, letting her know that she was making a lot of sounds when she chewed with her mouth open. Maria looked irritated with him, but she said she was sorry.

He told her it was okay and continued by explaining how it was a particular annoyance of his that he wasn’t able to brush aside. He then added an apology to soften the blow.

But less than a minute later, Maria went right back to chewing with her mouth open.

“I looked up at her and told her, ‘You’re doing it again,’ but she got more upset this time and told me to mind my own business and let her enjoy her food,'” he shared.

Right after that, he told her that was fine, and he left the table to go pay for his portion of the meal at the front of the restaurant before walking out.

The following day, his friend who had matched him up with Maria in the first place called him in a rage about what happened. She said that he was a cruel person and told him that Maria spent the rest of the night sobbing because of how he’d treated her. When he tried to tell her his side of the story, his friend kept screaming over him, so he hung up on her.

After the date, Maria blocked him on Instagram, which didn’t come as much of a surprise to him.

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