He Pointed Out How His Wife Has Never Had A Job In Front of All Their Friends, Which Really Upset Her

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Six months ago, this 35-year-old man and his wife, 30, got married. A couple of days ago, they were at a get-together with a few other recently married couples.

He was discussing finances and his stress about how he and his wife have been on a tight budget since he is the only one earning an income.

Also, the cost of living is more than double what it was before he got married, but he’s still living on his own salary.

They currently live in the Peninsula Bay Area in San Francisco, so while people all over are feeling the pain of inflation, they’re experiencing even more drastic cost of living hikes.

“We were trying to cut down on some other expenses. We recently calculated our grocery spending average, which comes to about $1,000 a month, so I was trying to get advice from my friends on how to cut it back. We got a few different responses from, ‘You should buy this item at a different store’ to ‘It’s okay to spend more on groceries, but try to cut back on other expenses,'” he said.

Also, while he and his wife cook at home about five or six of their meals each week, they also go out to eat between two to four times a week. Eating at restaurants runs them about $400 to $500 a month.

His wife enjoys cooking and does it pretty much all day, and she liked the feedback about keeping their current grocery budget in place or even increasing it, as long as they decrease their spending in other areas.

However, he believes the amount they spend is too much for just the two of them. He told his wife that he doesn’t think that’s sustainable for them to do, especially not if they’d end up spending even more.

“I emphasized to her that working a full-time job to earn money for the family is not easy. She’s 30 years old, but she’s never had a job before. She has lived her entire life under her parents’ roof and had all her expenses managed by her parents until we got married six months ago,” he explained.

muse studio – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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