He Recently Inherited $8 Million After His Dad Passed Away And Quit His Job, But Now His Girlfriend Also Wants Him To Use The Funds To Cover Her Monthly Expenses

iuricazac - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man’s father, who was a physician, sadly passed away about two months ago. And while tragic, this left him in line to inherit a whopping $8 million.

Now, his father did pay for all of his expenses when he was younger, including tuition, which is not feasible for many families. Still, he had no clue his father had so much dough put away in the bank.

“I had no idea my father had that much money as he was a frugal guy, and I honestly was not expecting to get any inheritance,” he said.

Anyway, after coming into so much cash, he decided to make a drastic life change. Even though he previously made $200,000 per year at his job, he thought the position was “soul-sucking.” So, he finally decided to quit.

However, ever since inheriting the money, his girlfriend of two years has been pressuring him to use the funds on her bills.

For context, he has about $10,000 worth of expenses each month. Apparently, this is because he and his girlfriend travel a lot; he does not have any debt.

Still, his girlfriend– who earns about $7,000 after taxes each month– wants him to cover her share of the expenses, which come out to $3,000.

On top of that, she has also been urging him to put money away into a joint savings account.

“The problem is, I cannot afford the risk of paying her expenses,” he explained.

iuricazac – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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